Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April showers...

I'm a huge fan of spring and summer, but it has rained so much that I feel like I have been transported to Washington...Forks, to be more specific. Where's my vampire?? :)

I am very very ready for this semester to end. I hate calculus with a passion and if I had half a brain I would not struggle with it as much as I have. On a positive note, I am planning to take it at a different college with a totally new prof so MAYBE it will be the winning ticket. I am so incredibly ready to have my degree and finally be a teacher.

I need to get in shape and drop about 10 pounds. For real. I get mocked about this, but seriously, when the pants are tight and barely zip, if at all, it's time to do something about it. I refuse to buy bigger clothes, so the alternative is to stop bending my elbow and shoveling food in my mouth.

April is coming to an end, and so is this blog.

T :)

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