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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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It's been practically a millennium since I've written, but it certainly was not from lack of words! It has been due to lack of time. You know, work, school, kids, sleep (a little), repeat. Summer courses are wiping me out. Thankfully, the end of the summer semester is next week...just in time for Dillard's to (FINALLY!) hire the person needed so that I don't have to work crazy hours. *sigh* Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose.

Spring rains brought storms that landed our HUGE and very shady tree right on our cars, and it just grazed the side of the roof enough to do some damage to the house. The good news, insurance covered my car and the house. The bad news, we only had liability on hubs' car, so we were out the money to either repair it, or get a new vehicle. Have I mentioned the lovely Jeep Patriot yet? I love it! Sure, it was hubs' car that got smashed, but I get the new car because he's just cool like that. :)

After the rains, we dove right into summer, no break. Raining...raining...raining...BOOM! HOT!  And though I adore summer, I am thinking, "really? does it have to be 100 degrees or hotter every single day?" It was so hot that even being in the lake on a boat was miserable. As if it isn't hot enough, we are going to San Antonio for vacation in August. Texas. In August. Yikes! Oh well. It's the only time we can take vacation without interfering with school, so there ya go. It will be fun!

I could say more, but I'm pretty sure blogs are meant to be short, sweet, and to the point. No sense in boring you with my trivialities and nonsensical issues. It would sound a lot like whining anyway.

T :)

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