Monday, September 5, 2011

Life, Lately.

I think it's been 6,000 days since I last blogged. Okay, not really, but it's been a long time. Update, I made it through the four summer classes while working full-time. I didn't recognize my house or kids at the end of it, but they were able to pull me back. Five classes this semester, three of them literature, and the reading is not working so well. It is hard to get into some of it due to the level of boring they possess.

I got a new phone, and I LURVE it!! It is a Motorola Atrix, it's a touchscreen, and so sweet! A friend said that I will start touching all screens, and this has already come true. Good thing I'm not easily embarrassed. I learned a long time ago to laugh off embarrassment. ;)
We went to San Antonio with #2 and #3 in August. It was a long drive, but the girls were really great. We went to Sea World twice, and were able to meet up with a friend and her hubs and beautiful baby girl who live in Houston. Then it was time to start the whole school thing all over again. This year we have a 4th, 6th, and 11th grader. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but it doesn't matter because time waits for no one.

I am excited to report that this is, FINALLY, my last semester before my student teaching can begin. Lurking within me is a fear of that reality. I know that once I get in the classroom things will flow smoothly, and I will have feared for nothing, but it is always the uncertainties in life that wreak havoc on this control freak's life. I am one for absolutes, and when I can't have that, I tend to get a bit worrisome.

Perhaps that is an understatement. ;)

#1 is back home. Things were so super sensitive in that department during the summer. So much said and done that can never be taken back, but ultimately, we love each other. And I'm fairly certain she knows I'd stop the world for her if she ever fell off.

Washing machine broke, sink is stopped up, hamster is missing, and my house is a wreck, but this is called living. You don't just give up when things get a little tough, you keep on.

~Sweet T~

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