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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun times

I decided to blog. I'm not sure why, but here I go anyway....

My oldest will be 16 this month. I can't believe how quickly we got to this point. She wanted a HUGE party, and by HUGE I mean that she watches the stupid show on MTV. You know the one, My Super Sweet 16. So she had delusions of grandeur. Does she even KNOW me??? So we reached a compromise. And by compromise I mean that I am happy, she is happy, and I don't have to entertain, feed, nor deal with dozens of teens. She wanted Lady Gaga tickets for her birthday (in addition to a HUGE party AND a mini-cooper...HA!!). Somewhere along the way, she realized that she would have to settle for a party or the concert. Maybe it was because that's what I told her. Concert won out. So now the hubs and I are escorting her and her boyfriend to the concert on a school night, which led to another compromise, but that's whatever. Inadvertently, the hubs and I will be attending TWO concerts in one week. Before the Lady Gaga scenario became a reality, I had already purchased tickets to the Kings of Leon concert.  Fun times!!

In one week the hubs and I are going to NYC, and I am beyond excited! We are going to visit my very sweet, beautiful and dear friend Julia. She moved to New York in August, and before she left we concocted a plan to see each other during the holidays and spring break. This is a plan I held on to with a passion because I miss her something fierce. So here we go, just the hubs and I, to the Big Apple for a MUCH needed getaway. There is simply too much to do in the few short days we will be there, but we can sleep on the plane, right? Fun times!!

In other news, the two youngest girls are making it very clear that they, too, would like concert tickets for their birthdays. One will be 11 in June, and she would very much like to attend and Orianthi concert. And the other, kid 3, wants to see one of several of the Disney-star-turned-music-star concerts. Selena Gomez seems like a safe option, but for a time, so did Miley Cyrus. It's hard being a parent, and knowing how much is too much when it comes to limits. Maybe I shelter too much, I don't know. But these are my girls, and I'd give my life for either of them at a moments notice. For this household, boys and the world are the enemies. I suppose it's normal for every parent to want better for their children than what they had. I know I do, and I know I make it happen daily. I don't think I'm a bad person, but I want my girls to be better than me, to excel more than me, and to be more successful than me. After all, someone's gotta take care of me and hubs when we're back in diapers, right? Fun times!!!

So I guess that's all I have to yack about right now. Thanks for enduring my rather long first blog.

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Lora @ my blessed life said...

Hey, girl!
Welcome to blogland:) You're off to a great start!
Thanks for following my'll be fun to keep up with you and your family here!