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Monday, March 14, 2011


Last night we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday. He is 72 (I think!!), but looks at least 10 years younger. I tease and say it is because he's married to a younger woman, but there may be a lot of truth to that! My oldest, henceforth referred to as #1, asked my mom-in-law if she had seen my tattoo. I haven't told MIL about the tattoo at all, because I know how she feels about them. At the same time that #1 asked, MIL changed the subject. I'm pretty sure she heard #1, but is most likely waiting for me to tell her about the tatt. She's like that. She doesn't pry or impose her opinions unless asked. She's a pretty amazing woman.

It is now just 5 days away from my glorious getaway with hubs. To say I am excited is a serious understatement! Hubs and I haven't been away together for more than 24 hours in YEARS. I spoke to Julia yesterday to get some sort of plan worked out as to what we will be doing each day. The only conclusions we came to were meet at the hotel on Friday night, and go to the Statue of Liberty Saturday morning. I would like to say that this is fine with me, but I am a bit of a control freak, so I like to know what each day holds. I don't like last minute things. #1 knows this all too well, as she asks frequently if I will take her somewhere, pick her up from somewhere, or some form of me driving. Don't misunderstand; I love surprises, and I have been known to spontaneously suggest an activity--case in point: deciding on Wednesday to drive to Texas on Friday to see family/get a tattoo--but when it comes to big events, I like to know as many details as possible.

Speaking of spontaneous, we went bowling Friday night. It was a lot of fun, as even #1 stated in her facebook status. One of our former remix students met up with us at the bowling alley. It brought back some memories of our days as remix leaders, and I really would like to plan some sort of reunion. Perhaps a dinner and a movie night, which were always themed. The food we ate matched up with the food in the movie. So fun. I think back to the teens we had in our group, and how much I poured into several of them. I feel cheated sometimes, now that I have a teen, because no one is doing the same for her. Not that I expected it, but rather had HOPED for it. She desperately needs that connection, as she thinks I am lame, or don't understand. I don't understand everything, but I can relate to so much.

Spring Break is next week, and we are ALL looking forward to a little time away from school. The girls and I will be going to the big town of Strong, AR to visit yet another one of my friends. I'm not sure what we'll be doing. This one is in Paula's hands! But a break from the same old stuff will be nice. 

I suppose that is enough of the randomness. Thanks for reading.

T :)

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